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so some of you are probably wondering what happened to me lol, i lost muse and had tons of things going on- and i didn’t have time to get on and be active on tumblr. now i have more free time and am considering bringing back violet…but now there are soo many new people because of coven and stuff that i feel overwhelmed and not sure if anybody even knows me/remembers me. anyways, thanks so much for getting me to 730 followers, that was such an amazing thing to see.i love you all! come leave me an ask or something, alright? -sierra

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If you love somebody, you should never hurt them. Never.

 ”-Hello? Anyone alive?”

   Funny, flower.


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{ ♦ } Her lips curve into a smile and the Mara can’t help but notice the dimpled on her right cheek. Lennox can feel his cheeks tint a light pink at her question. Oh, she caught you.


❝I was j-just exploring and saw you r-reading your book. What is that a-anyways?❞

The book sits closed next to her, the endless words hidden by a blank cover. But she’s really only noticing him- trying to figure out who he is. Where he’s from.

"It’s short stories and poems. Edgar Allan Poe. Have you heard of him before?"

fuck zyle i’m still waiting for violet and tate to get back together

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violet-is-in-hell asked: ooc; I'm honestly so done with this episode. I was laughing because it was so bad. Why is this season so terrible????

The beginning of the season was great, but it keeps progressively getting worse.. We loose Kyle’s character. Madison comes back trying to feel something- hurts her best friend. And I thought that Zoe was becoming cool and badass again, but she just gives in to this threesome? I mean you’d think she’d have more self respect. She just went crazy over Kyle, saw him having SEX with Madison and agreed to have a threesome? Kyle went from being weak and helpless to normal in two seconds. Queenie ditched the Coven. Spalding is dead. This is shit.

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Kyle had so much chance to become such a well written, developed character, and Ryan actually just destroyed all of that within ten minutes. I’m angry and upset on so many levels. He’s corrupted and you’re making him a fucking sex toy? Is this some sort of joke?

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its moments like these when tate and violet’s relationship was healthier than this zyle shit

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this isnt even american horror story anymore i amnot horrified


this is american upset story